About FSD

I'm Faye, owner and stylist of Faye's Shear Delight. Located in downtown Edmonds for the last 23 years, I manage a delightful salon for women, children, and men's styling– including perms, color, and shampoo sets. FSD has a quiet and personal environment, with clients ranging from the young restless one year old to the relaxed mature 90 year old.

Do you have natural curly or wavy hair? No problem, that's my specialty. I can style your hair in a very natural soft style then add a little highlight of color. For challenging natural curls, I would suggest a partial body perm to soften the wave pattern into something more manageable. As part of your appointment time, we can talk about hair care and proper management.

Have you taken a young child to a salon for their first or second haircut? Then you might know how the tears and sad faces are. I've got that covered too! You can choose from my simple haircuts and be done in 15 minutes. You'll love seeing their cherub smiles when you leave.

I would like to offer my sincere thanks to the community of Edmonds for your support over 23 years of service. You make it a delight to be at work. We have a common goal: to build beautiful hair. It has been a pleasure to serve you and I look forward to more years of creating your new looks. -Faye